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Moral Debate Process Bridging the Polar Divide in America

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Service Description

ICU was created to Harness the “Intense Polarization” in America as Input and Ingredients for arriving at “TRUTH, COMPROMISE & WIN-WIN Solutions”, between people on Opposite Ends of Catastrophically Polarizing Issues. The ICU – No Hiding Place – Leadership Love Debate Service is the means for achieving that end. ICU(I See You) debaters win by effectively arguing their own views and eloquently and empathetically explaining, valuing and incorporating their opponent’s views, to the greatest extent possible, in their own arguments, “in order” to achieve a, Win-Win, on issue under consideration, better than their opponent does . The Audience, YOU!!! “EQUALLY” drive debate outcome by rating debater’s arguments dynamically in real time with clicks on your phone or computer. The Audience, You!!!! also determine debate outcome by networking and working together in groups with other audience members, either before or during the debate, to dynamically change in real time the weightings used on the evaluation criteria that calculate debater scores. The Audience, You, also have an opportunity to compete with and against other audience members by how truthfully you rate debater’s arguments over the course of the debate. Finally, “SELECTED” members of the Audience, “YOU”, have the ability, at strategic points in the debate, to speak and give your opinion to influence debaters and other audience members with your views and perspectives There is 100% transparency and accountability in the debate process – revealing debater’s motives and intentions, dynamically in real time comparing debater scores and showing audience member individual or demographic group ratings of debaters arguments. Reports displaying, in real time, how truthful individual audience members are, in rating debaters, in rank order with best or most truthful audience debate raters at the top of the list. The Winning Debater and the Top “N”, most truthful audience debate raters, win cash rewards between 50% to 500% higher than the price of their debate ticket. The ICU – Leadership Love Debate Service can be used for all types of “HIGHLY” polarized decisions that require input from many different stake holders, to make a binary decision between two hotly contested and opposing views: EXAMPLES INCLUDE: Debates, Hiring Decision, Political Candidate Selection, Product Selection, Business Strategy Selection, Public Policy Decision, Couple Counselling Support, High Stakes Dispute Resolution, etc...

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Tulsa, OK 74137, USA

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