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Carlton Buford is the Creator of the Economic Gospel for the United States of America, a National Economic Strategy for making the US economy work best for everyone by making the US economy both Economic & Moral. Morality and Economics are one. You cannot have one without the other. America's willful failure to create and maintain a moral economy precisely explains why America's economy has not been and continues to this day to be an uneconomic economy, suffering the highest levels of inequality on the planet, on course to bankrupt the US and Global financial system in the next 3 - 5 years if the status quo policies of either the democrats or republicans persists on a going forward basis. The Economic Gospel for the United States of America was created by Carlton specifically for the purpose of saving America from herself, for herself and the world, before it is too late. The solution or salvation is for America and all Americans to return to their first love, to simply be Americans or be who we are as defined by the Preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. The US Preamble is a holy document designed to create heaven on earth, if Americans will live up to and act out in the flesh, the words prescribed in the Preamble - in our economy and in our society. America's failure to live out the words of the US Preamble, in the flesh, among and between each other, precisely explains the catastrophic gaps in morality and uneconomic activity in the US economy and American society in general. The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is a National Economic Strategy with three strategic objectives for specifically, scientifically and morally, leading America to return to her first love, becoming who she is by doing the US Preamble, saving herself first and hence saving the rest of the world in the process. You might call this the Moral America First National Economic Strategy based on the principle of love & economics where you cannot have one without the other. A truly economic economy cannot be achieved without love. Love is Pious Sympathy without an "Economic" economy. Carlton can provide the following communication services on the topics of Economics, Society, Morality, Family/Fatherhood, Mental Health, etc... in the following formats * Speech * Interview * Panelist * Town Hall interview/Q&A * ICU Debate * Comedy (Sarcasm) Tell us how we can make your speaking engagement a success today

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Tulsa, OK 74137, USA

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