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The Great Economic Opportunity

Updated: May 16, 2021

On this website we have taken great care and discussed in great detail, just what the nature of the economic problem is in the US economy and the dire consequences for the US economy and hence for the global economy if the economic problem in the US economy is not fixed in the next three to five years. Our description of Economic Cancer in the Context of Free Lunch Economics may be the only description of the real economic problem in the US economy that connects all the dots, in laymen's terms, comprehensively, morally, historically and in the context of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America. It is a common cliché among political leaders and government officials in recent years to talk about policies, plans and strategies that will make the US economy work best for everyone. Actually politicians and government officials have been promising to make the economy work best for everyone for the last 40 years, failing miserably with successive administrations over this period. Why? Because no administration has ever taken the time to comprehensively and accurately identify and understand the underlying fundamental problem in the US economy, preventing the economy from working best for everyone. If you do not know what the problem is and do not understand the principles driving that problem, then your proposed policies, plans and strategies for making the economy work best for everyone will always be superficial solutions to symptoms of the problem, which are quick, easy and less expensive to implement but never even scratch the surface toward solving the structural problem in the US economy, that has and continues to metastasize on course to turn malignant, bankrupting the US economy for everyone, the rich and poor alike, in the next 3 - 5 years, if the status policies from the left or the right, persist on a going forward basis.

The great opportunity in America, today, is to use the more accurate, relevant and comprehensive view and description of what the real economic problem in the US economy is, to formulate a real and national economic strategy that will actually and structurally kill the economic cancer metastasizing across America, Making the US Economy Right, Moral, Truthful and just, working the best for everyone in the economy, the Economics of the 100%, Winning America's Future for Current and future Generations of Americans, Today and over the next 5 years. This is the Great Opportunity, This is the Great Challenge, America's True New Moon Shoot, The Economic Gospel for the United States of America

In this section, we will derive from scratch, how we take the fundamental problem in the US economy as an opportunity and a road map for creating a theoretical solution for economic cancer in America. Finally, in the next section, our theoretical solution for Economic Cancer will be used to develop the framework for a national economic strategy, lead by the President of the USA, to actually Kill Economic Cancer in the US economy, winning America's future for current and future generations of Americans, Today!!! Let's Do This!!!!

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