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The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is Here!!!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The US economy is not an economy and has not been an economy for the last 50 years. America's economy has been transformed into a financial market over this period, incentivized to give unconstrained freedom and power to the wealthiest top 10% of Americans at the direct expense and financial destruction of the bottom 80%, precisely so that the top 10% maintains and increases their wealth, influence and power on a going forward basis. The primary reason there is so much polarization in America is because the government, the establishment, experts and the elite in this country, from both the right and the left over the past 50 years have "LIED" and continue to lie to the public about the US economy and its ability and will to effectively create sustainable, robust and fair economic opportunities for all Americans. Inequality has risen to its highest level since the 1920s over the last 50 years. This is what is driving the great populist movement in America and the world.

The freedom and power of the wealthiest top 10% in America to hoard, control and grow their wealth and influence over the past 10 - 20 years, has "NOW ALSO" come at the direct expense and financial destruction of a larger and larger and larger share of the non-minority American population, all across America.

The average American family has lost 70% of their purchasing power over the last 50 years, because the US economy is not an economy, but is rather a financial market, not seeking to find the most efficient balance between supply and demand at the lowest price to the consumer, but rather, how to maximize profit for the wealthiest top 10% of Americans in the economy, at the direct expense and financial destruction of the bottom 80%. Given the market price levels in the US economy, the average family is going in debt and bankrupting themselves just to pay bills and put away enough savings to meet prudent financial planning goals....or...... they have and are continuing to simply, "go without", and experience tragedy when they get sick, car breaks down, home or major property is destroyed by weather, fire, loss of employment, etc, ....

But that's crazy right, borrowing and going bankrupt to keep up with payments required to meet prudent financial goals. Exactly, and that's why the bottom 80% of Americans are "MAD AS HELL", because for the past 50 years they have lived this nightmare believing and trusting that joy would eventually come in the morning but for the vast majority of Americans, morning has yet to come. Americans have been told by both democrats and republicans that we have the greatest economy in the world and if we just cut taxes here or increase taxes there, the US economy will deliver as promised.....LIE!!!! The bottom 80% are hungry, starving, dying and even ready to kill for..............THE TRUTH..........The Economic Gospel for the United States of America............Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!

The Economic Gospel of the United States of America is a National Economic Strategy for making the US economy - Economic = Profitable = Right = Truthful = Moral, working best for all Americans. Another name for The Economic Gospel of the United States of America is "Making It Right, The Economics of the 100%", an economy that works best for all Americans.

This National economic strategy harnesses the principles in the preamble to the constitution of the United States to make the US economy Economic = Profitable = Truthful = Moral working best for all Americans in the US economy. When transformed over the next five years by the Economic Gospel of the United States of America, The US Economy will have the following characteristics and deliverables:

  1. AFFORDABILITY: High quality, reliable and abundant supplies of strategic products and services in the US economy at price levels that all consumers can afford, without the need for excessive private sector borrowing or government subsidies, to support consumer purchases of these strategic products and services. Strategic Products and Services in the US economy are: Housing, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Childcare, Retirement, Business Capital.

  2. PRODUCTIVITY: The cost of doing business in America will be the lowest on the planet, creating insatiable demand (both domestic and around the globe) for the US economy's lowest price, highest quality, most desired brands on the planet - creating the organic demand and build out of the largest, most efficient and productive - product and service industry supply chains with associated job growth, on the planet - right here in the US of A, built in inner-city and rural communities in highest need of economic and social development all across America, as the first priority. Balanced current account and government deficits with US private and public sector debt levels approaching post World War II lows on a percent to GDP basis(130% - 150%)

  3. CLIMATE: The beauty of the Economic Gospel of the United States of America (US national economic strategy) is the way the strategy naturally and organically hugs the environment in such a way that 2050 Climate Change zero emission goals are achieved as a natural result of transforming the US economy to be run and led based on economics, truth, righteousness and justice rather than being driven by lies, exploitation, cheating and finance that supports lies, exploitation and cheating.

  4. OPPORTUNITY: Barriers to education, employment and business creation are broken down and made accessible for those in highest need first, facilitated by industry ecosystem wide block-chain competitive economic market making processes, that create quantum leaps in access, utilization, development and deployment of American citizens in the US economy, in ways that allows individuals to become the best version of themselves possible, while adding maximum value to the US economy and American society at the same time.

These ends will not happen by themselves, as the last 50 years has brutally demonstrated in the "LIVED" experiences of over 250 million Americans. The uneconomic and unhealthy way the US economy has been manipulated over the last 50 years, will cause the US economy and American society to implode in the next 3 - 5 years, if America continues the insane economic and financial policies supported by both the democratic and republican parties, because neither side offers or supports economic strategies that will make the US economy fundamentally economic, healthy, robust and sustainable with both the will and the ability to work best for all Americans. America's current economy has devolved into an effective Consumption and Investment Ponzi Scheme. Interest rates and debt levels in the US and global economy have never - ever been at these extreme levels for so long. The best economist in the world tell us that for the foreseeable future, the levels of extremity between interest rates - going much lower or more negative and debt levels getting catastrophically much more higher - is expected and required to continue for many years into the future in order to keep this Consumption and Investment Ponzi Scheme economy "AFLOAT".

So even though the top 10% - 20% of Americans (30 - 60 million people) in the economy are winning and doing very very well, working hard and smart to make their living...............both the rich and poor alike in America are in jeopardy of losing everything because of the hazardous and dysfunctional way that the US and global economy makes money. It is in the interest of all Americans that we come together and fix our economy and our relationships with one another, before we reach the point of no return. My analysis shows that America has the next 3 - 5 years to turn this thing around and make the economy work for all Americans in a healthy, robust and sustainable way for both current and future generations of Americans, starting Today!!!

Covid-19 was a wake up call. Covid-19 was a message, warning and opportunity to learn how America and the world can deal with and solve some of the most intractable and seemingly insolvable issues and problems which haunt mankind today. The most successful countries in fighting the virus and keeping their death counts almost to zero relative to the rest of the world include, China, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia. What did these countries do that was so dramatically different, relative to countries who had the very worst out comes like the United States? These countries told their populations the truth about the virus and implemented and enforced a coordinated strategy across the entire country that cared for and protected the entire population, where everyone did their part to protect themselves and others from covid-19, simple, inexpensive steps that saved their economies from having to spend trillions of dollars to rescue their economies and prevented them from having to loose trillions of dollars in loss business. America's failure to care for its people and failure to plan and lead based on its failure to care for its people has cost America about $8Trillion in both real direct costs and real opportunity cost over the course of just one year. This does not include the incalculable costs of more lives being unnecessarily killed in one year than all the US soldiers lost in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam wars over twenty years. Just let that sink in please. In one year, we have deliberately allowed more people in our great country to be unnecessarily killed, than all the soldiers killed in fighting major wars over the course of the 20th Century, in one year????????????????????????????????

Did you hear what I just said. If that does not bother you, if that does not bring your souls spirit to tears, then you may also have the American virus or disease. You may have that same spirit and the freedom to feel good, proud and entitled to be a slave owner and enjoying the fruit of reaping the benefit of your slave's free labor, for your own excessive, selfish, lustful and extravagant benefit, but at the direct expense and destruction of American Slaves. In this context, American slaves represent Americans through out US history who have been unfairly and unjustly exploited by other Americans, purely and solely for the benefit of the exploiter ( Examples - African Americans during slavery and segregation, US workers in the bottom 80% of wealth and income in the US economy over the last 40 years, etc........)

What the Covid-19 experience in America really shows is that America really is not a racist country. Racism was a convenient tool used to hide the "REAL UGLY VIRUS" or disease in America. The real economic and social virus in America that drives inequality is "LUST, LIES AND GREED". LUST, LIES AND GREED is not unique to skin color or culture. Lust, lies and greed is human nature and resides in all of us. And if we allow it to get out of control, Lust, Lies and Greed will use anything and I mean anything or anyone for any reason as long as lust gets what it wants by distorting reality or lying and then acting on that lie, which we call greed, to get lust what it wants by any means possible. That is why America has had over 600,000 Americans killed unnecessarily in one year and China has only had 4,600 deaths, even though China has five times more people than America. Wow, and who is the greatest super power on the planet?????

It's amazing that these countries, many who are communist, non-democratic, non-free market economies, who in their action, acted much, much, much more like Americans in fighting Covid-19, than did Americans in fighting Covid-19. The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, lays out the vision, mission and strategy that would have allowed America to have lead and successfully implemented a process that would have minimized the deaths related to covid-19 in America and around the world, similar to what was done to minimize the out break of Ebola in 2014. The Economic Gospel for the United States for America is specifically and precisely based on the principles in Preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. Responsible Freedom - With Great Freedom, Comes Even Greater Responsibility.

Ultimately, however, what is required to make a free people, willfully choose to do the right thing, when they are free to chose to do either right or wrong, even when they are fully aware of what is right or wrong? 'A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILTY IS NOT, IS NOT, IS NOT, IS NOT, IS NOT ENOUGH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that will make free people in a free society, willingly do the right thing, when they have the freedom to do either wrong or right is "LOVE", "AGAPE". This principle is spelled out clearly in the Preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. It is a holy and spiritual document. America's only problem is that we do not do what the words say do. If we did what the words in the preamble tell us to do as a collective nation, we would literally have "HEAVEN ON EARTH".........."on earth as it is in heaven"...........

Again, the Good News is that The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is here to teach and show us how to love, to do Agape Love, Which is Doing the US Preamble, Literally...........the US Preamble cannot be done unless it is implemented with Agape Love by all American Citizens. This perfectly explains why we are where we are today, in America!!!!

See my next Blog, Doing the US Preamble - How the Economic Gospel for the United States of America, Saves America, Hallelujah!!!! Amen!!!!!

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