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Making It Right, The Economics of the 100%

Updated: May 16, 2021


Making It Right, means making the US economy Economic or "MORAL" so that it fundamentally and structurally works best for everyone in the economy. Currently the US economy has Economic Cancer as discussed in previous sections on this site. In effect the US Economy is a LIE. It is not an economy. It is a financial market, that finances profitable growth opportunities that are benefiting a smaller and smaller, small slice of the economy (Top 10%) at the direct expense and financial destruction of the bottom 80% of the population.

At the end of the day, other than life itself, economics is the most important and highly treasured value in human existence or consciousness. If you look over the course of human history, all of the great conflicts, wars, challenges, etc...have one fundamental underlying cause or driver representing the reason for the conflict, war or challenge......Economics!!! Most of the major wars fought in human history - are conflicts related to economics, often times disguised in battles over ideology, religion, etc...but at the end of the day the real source of the conflict had to do with ownership or control of land, resources, people.....Economics!!! Follow the MONEY!!!!! and you will get to the underlying motives, drivers, truth!!!!!!

Over the past 40 years, both the right and the left have been lying about the economics of the US economy. Both have professed that the US economy is fundamentally economic, just requiring left or right policy prescriptions on the edges, to make the US economy magically work for and in the best interest of all the American people. Well over the past 40 years this has absolutely not happened. Both the left and the right have failed to deliver real economics to the American people from the US economy, because both the right and left have ignored the fundamental problem in the US economy. The US economy has Economic Cancer, which requires structural invasive surgical intervention in the US economy to correct market failures causing the US economy to be uneconomic and not working best for everyone in the economy.

As we have discussed, the easiest thing to do, which is what both the Democrats and Republicans have done over the past 40 years, is to just borrow and throw money at the symptoms of the problem, without doing the hard, smart and collective work required to actually solve the real underlying problem in the US Economy - Killing US Economic Cancer. Making It Right is about making the US economy Right, Just, Truthful, Fair - "MORAL". Making the US economy economic so that it delivers value and works best for all participants in the US economy (a more perfect union) and not just a thin slice of beneficiaries at the top, but doing it in a way so that everyone benefits and has a fair opportunity to compete and win doing what they do best.

The reason Americans are so polarized is because we have experienced 40 years of Lies, Broken Promises and an effective Consumption and Investment Ponzi Scheme Economy, which is on the precipice, of blowing up in all of our faces, the rich, the middle class and the poor, bankrupting America for all Americans, right before our blinded eyes, because we are all drinking the Kool-Aid of the Path of Least Resistance Economic Strategy, allowing chance and the status quo to dictate our fate and destiny. Its hard almost impossible for Americans to truly come together and actually solve our nations structural problems, because we have 40 years of hard and cold experience that suggests, that at the end of the day, its a dog-eat-dog world, you better get yours, because if you don't you are on your own and no one is coming to help you. The history of the last 40 years is living proof of the failure of Financial Engineering in serving and benefiting the lives of the bottom 80% of Americans in America.

Making It Right is about making the US economy "Truthful", meaning rebuilding the US economy so that it has both the ability and will to work best for everyone in the economy and not just the wealthy and well connected. Making It Right is correcting market failures in the economy so that Americans and the world can confidently believe in and unite around the principles embodied in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America. The Economics of the 100% was created to make the US economy Right or "MORAL", working best for all Americans in the US economy as the first priority, Winning America's future for current and future generations of Americans, TODAY!!!!

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