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Introduction: The Economic Gospel for the United States of America

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The Good News

The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is here!

The Good News

The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is here!

Welcome, my name is Carlton Buford, I am an energy and macroeconomic economist who has worked for large electric utility, oil and natural gas companies across America. Over the last six years I have shifted my focus to strategies for helping the US economy become organically economic and working best for everyone in America.

Currently, the US Economy is on the precipice of permanently collapsing in the next 3 - 5 year, right before our blinded but wide opened eyes because both democrats and republicans have failed to address the fundamental problem in the US economy. Both sides continuing to throw money at the problem, rather than coming up with a solution and strategy that structurally fixes the US economy so that it works best for everyone and not just the rich and well connected.

The mother of all depressions awaits America and the world if America continues the status quo economic policies from the left or the right over the next 3 - 5 years. Individual or groups of Americans, lust for the freedom to recklessly pursue their own selfish interest at the direct expense and destruction of other Americans or America as a whole, ability and will to Pursue a More Perfect Union, is the driving economic fundamental over the last 40 years, that has pushed the US economy and American Society to the edge of the Cliff.


The good news is that I have created an economic framework and national economic strategy, that requires all Americans, to work together as a team, to fundamentally correct market failures in the US economy, that are structurally preventing the economy, from working best for everyone. I call this National Economic Strategy : Making It Right, The Economics of the 100% or the Economic Gospel for the United States of America.

On this website we present our economic vision and mission for America. We identify and analyze the fundamental and structural economic problem that is destroying the US economy right before our blinded but wide opened eyes. We give you the economic solution and a national economic strategy for actually solving America's age old economic problem.

The remainder of the website serves as a think tank, platform and economic advocacy vehicle for promoting and institutionalizing, "Making It Right, The Economics of the 100%", as America's National Economic Strategy, beginning sometime in 2022.

Thank you for making time to visit with us. I look forward to meeting you, learning from your feedback, and understanding how we will support and work together with one another, on current or future projects of mutual interest. Thank you

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