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Updated: Jul 8, 2021


Another major distinguishing feature of the Economics of the 100% is that in the process of deriving and developing an economic solution and economic strategy that actually makes the US economy economic and working best for everyone, that solution also naturally and economically achieves the objective of zero carbon emission by or before 2050 as a natural fallout of making the economy economic, right, just, moral and true, working best for everyone. We call this a Twofer!!!! It just pays to do the right thing. When we follow the aims and the goals as spelled out in the preamble to the constitution and apply that to the US economy as a whole, the solution for climate change is a natural result of this proactive and structural change to the US economy.


Making it Right, the Economics of the 100%, was designed for the explicit purpose of restoring economic solvency in the US economy with the resulting goal of the elimination of excessive levels of US current account deficit, US trade deficit, US government deficits and the elimination of excessive levels of US Public and Private sector debt levels .

This is in line with the objective of making the US economy economic, right, true, moral and just. An economy that is organically economic, does not need to support uneconomic growth activities and projects in the economy that require excessive levels of debt to support uncompetitive market development in the US economy. The economics of the 100% is a national economic strategy that supports real and sustained massive structural changes in the fundamentals of the US economy, on both the demand and supply sides of the economy, that will create nation wide organic supply and demand transactions, that no longer depend on excessive private sector borrowing or excessive government subsidies


"We the people, in Order to form a more perfect union….", very directly assumes and proactively requires structural repairs and creations in the US economy, that create and sustain the conditions of equal opportunity for all, in the pursuit of and ability to become the best version of ourselves as is humanly possible. Equal opportunity and support is guaranteed, success is earned. When all Americans see and experience that they have equal opportunities for being the best versions of themselves possible, the challenge of achieving a more perfect union is seen as more of a bright opportunity. Equal opportunity is only achievable through the synergies created from the power of size and scale achieved by all Americans working together as a unified family of citizens to make equal opportunity for all Americans a practical reality

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