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Economic Mission: DOING THE US PREAMBLE......FOR WHO?????

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

We the people, making time to discover our mutual interest, so that we can come together to create Win-Win's that works best for everyone

The Preamble to the constitution of the United States lays out the guiding principles for truth, justice and what makes America so great, different and the envy of the world. America is better together, when we make the time to align the diverse talents and interests of the American people in a way that makes the US economy and American society works best for everyone, given that our fundamental economic interest have been aligned and connected, structurally embedding the Win-Win, through out the whole of American society and the US economy. We saw this during World War II and America's recovery from the Great Depression of the 1930's.

However, in more recent history, America is again, straying from the principles embodied in the Preamble to the constitution to the detriment of American Society and the US Economy. The highest purpose of the constitution is that the American people come together not just to find a better way to live and work together but to discover and find the best way (a more perfect union) to live and work together as a unified family of Americans. America and Americans first priority is the health, safety and well being of all of its people both individually and collectively. This means that our priorities and focus should be on creating and maintaining an economy and society that works best for America as a unified family of Americans. In short the Economy or the Market is Made for Men/Women, not the converse.

As a matter in fact, the primary and fundamental structural problem in the US economy and American society today is that the American people's priorities are increasingly diverging from the priorities established in the preamble to the constitution. Today and over the past 40 years, America's priorities are increasingly governed by principles against or antagonistic to the Constitution of the United States of America. Examples of this include:

  • Men/Women are expendable commodities made to serve the Market - maximizing profit/wealth as the highest priority


  • State and individual rights are becoming a higher priority, valued higher and cherished more than our national highest priority, which reflects our purpose for being, who we are...Our calling to "....Create a More Perfect Union...."

  • Corporate America is totally aware of the principles embodied in the Preamble to the constitution and use those principles like an iron fist to reap the benefits of size, scale, economies of scale and synergy of operations only achievable by utilizing the principles embodied in the preamble to the constitution. Example: Corporate Employees are not free and do not have the right to work anyway they want to just because they are Americans with rights and freedoms. In order for corporations to achieve their strategic goals, employees who want to work for the company and reap the benefits of working for the company, must give up some or many of their freedoms and abide by, conform to the goals, objectives, strategies, policies and procedures established by the corporation designed to meet corporate strategy and achieve corporate strategic goals and objectives. Similarly, America as envisioned through the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, operates like a corporation. Our vision, mission and corporate strategy statement is the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. To achieve our collective national vision, mission and strategy their are freedoms that we as individual regions, states, localities and individual must be willing to sacrifice so that we all, both collectively and individually, experience freedoms and benefits, "THAT ARE FAR MORE DESIREABLE", but are absolutely unachievable, without the collective and individual commitments and sacrifices to give up some or many of our individual freedoms, in order to meet and achieve the vision, mission and strategy statement enshrined in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States.

US economic performance since the late 1970s has resulted in the catastrophic rise in inequality and inequality of opportunity with market greed related debt burdens on course to bankrupt the US and global financial system in the next 3 - 5 years. The abysmal, unpatriotic, chaotic and treasonous response to Covid-19 that America has experienced this past year was apoplectic, with nearly 600,000 Americans recklessly and unnecessarily killed by Donald Trump and his administration - employing anti-American policies, which created chaos, massive inefficiencies and absolutely no collective national strategy to fight the covid-19 pandemic - directly causing more than 600,000 people to unnecessarily be killed because of the Trump administration's anti-American policy responses - causing America to have the highest case and death count in the world, 1,800% higher than what would be expected when you compare case and death count with other large countries of the world.

China, the absolute bright and shining star of Authoritarianism and Communism has absolutely shown the superiority of its governing model when it comes to protecting the most precious resource a country has, its people, on a national level, in the midst of an enemy that is savagely attacking all nations on the planet, indiscriminately and at insanely high death rates the world has not seen in 100 years. If there is such a thing as perfect, China's response to Covid-19 was as close to perfect as is humanly possible. China, the first to be hit with the deadly Covid-19 virus, with one of the largest populations on the planet, had one of the lowest case and death counts on the planet, period, when you look at absolute numbers or if you look at numbers on a per population basis. This was absolutely phenomenal, but their process for achieving this was anything but rocket science. China simply followed the science for preventing infections from respiratory diseases that has been known by the medical communities of all the nations in the world for over the last couple of centuries. Mask, social distance, test, contact trace and isolate. China's Authoritarian style of government makes it much, much easier to achieve compliance for the purposes of saving and preserving the most valuable resource a society can have, its people. The ability to quickly and diligently work together allowed China to snuff out the spread of the Covid-19 virus before it could spread and infect the entire country. If China can rally its Citizens to work together to achieve these phenomenal results to save the lives of its people, just think of the massive synergies and advantages that China will be able to achieve on the economic and social fronts for its people going forward, if they continue to harness this collective and synergizing teamwork through out their country on a going forward basis.

I believe America politicians and business men are gaslighting China, because China is not only the most populous country on the planet, they are now learning to use their culture and political framework to compete at a significant comparative advantage in the global economy. American and other western countries are crying foul because we do not want to compete and figure out how to win based on efficiency, productivity and performance, but rather by financial blackmail and military power. Covid-19 is actually a wake up call to America and other western society's that China actually knows and sees its power now. We can close our eyes and act like we are still in charge and China will go along with the game, until they quietly come to the point where they can assert their power and control in a forceful and sustainable way, that the US and western societies will not be able to stop, because we will have failed to adapt and change fundamentally meet and compete with China on a fundamental and sustainable level.

With great freedom comes great responsibility. American's individual freedoms and rights cannot be allowed to prevent the American people from coming together to make the time to discover what our mutual economic and social interest are, in ways that proactively make and keep the US economy and American society working best for all Americans - creating abundantly more, individual and collective, economic and societal, wealth and freedom - than would have ever been possible if individual Americans were free to be totally irresponsible and unaccountable to one another as a family of American citizens. This irresponsibility is precisely what caused America's failure in response to Covid-19. Especially republican leaders and followers of president Trump. The lust to demonstrate that they have the freedom and right to do what they want and thumb their noses at science and truth is why the greatest, wealthiest, most scientifically advanced nation on the planet has had the worst response to Covid-19 on the planet - more than 600,000 Americans unnecessarily killed, never, ever to return to loved ones, all killed in one year, more killings than all American soldiers killed during World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War over twenty years of combat all together. This blood is on Donald Trump and the Republican Party who religiously followed, supported and fanatically condemned all Americans and other nations who dared to question or contradict president Trump and his covid-19 response policies. Unless America recognizes and holds Americans accountable for this blood bath, the laws and principles of Moral Hazards will revisit America and the world in the form of extinction from this planet. How much louder does the universe have to speak before we get the message. Covid -19 was the universe or God giving mankind a trial run and a wake up call, for what is required for mankind to not only survive but thrive in the future on this planet. To be successful at containing Covid-19 requires that cities, states, regions and nations all work together and maintain good and strong relationships with one another, so that we can effectively and productively work together to deal with global issues that have no respect for ideology or political persuasion, like respiratory pandemics, climate change, etc...

How can a free society, that gives its people the option to fully understand and see right and wrong and allow them the freedom to choose and do wrong, even if they know that wrong is wrong and that wrong may have negative consequences for others, while they benefit wildly, precisely because others are negatively affected or even killed so that they benefit wildly. How does this culture or political framework ever compete with an authoritarian government that has learned to use its authoritarianism for the good of the people and the good of society as a whole, creating synergies, productivities and collective efforts, seemingly unachievable in democratically free societies???????? China has five times the population of America, yet it had only 4,700 Covid-19 deaths, compared to America's worst on the planet +600,000 deaths

Well if you ask Spiderman, he would say, "With Great Freedoms, Comes Even Greater Responsibility". So if people in a free and democratic society are responsible and willing to do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do, what are the chances that they will do the right thing? We just saw that America and Americans "UNNECESARILY" allowed more Americans to be killed by Covid-19, last year, than all the soldiers who died during the Civil War, World War 1 and World War 2 together, "IN JUST ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Because we have tens maybe hundreds of millions of people in America who are free to be irresponsible, even though they know acting responsibly could save the most precious resource a country has, human life. Being responsible is not enough. The only way to compete with China, if China is going to continue to act morally and in the best interest of all their people, is if America and Americans act out of Patriotic Love for our country and for each other. Patriotic love for country can beat Authoritarian morality, because authoritarian morality can become tunnel visioned and not know what is in the best interest of all its people, especially when the issues are more complex and do not just depend on following simple respiratory virus protection procedures that are the same for the entire population.

Example: Development of an effective vaccine for Covid-19. America achieved this, in less than one year, faster than ever done before with a vaccine effectiveness rate close to 100% for a virus just made known to the world a little more than a year ago. This performance was achieved, motivated and lead by the patriotic and democratic `love response model symbolic of the American way with American ingenuity and economies of scale made possible with federal government support, with integrated, two way communication, harnessing the diversity of talent and resources all across America and around the world but coordinated by an integrated strategy at the top, to keep everyone on the same page, maximizing the synergy and productivity created in this process allowing for the most effective development of a global pandemic vaccine in the history of the world.

This actually brings us full circle. Because patriotic love in a free society that loves and cares about the country and all the people in the country is actually the vision/mission statement portion of the US Preamble, "We the People, In Order to Form a More Perfect Union....", Out of Many, One!!!!!!!!! This is the definition of Patriotic Love in a Democratic Society. America can still be the best and the brightest shining light for freedom, justice, opportunity and fairness, if Americans, will just be Americans, returning to our first love, being who we say that we are in the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States. The ball is in America's court..........Let's Play Ball..........Let's win for all Americans, let's win for all mankind. So again, it is not enough to say or act on the principle that with great freedom requires even greater responsibility. No!!!! Great Freedom Absolutely and Critically Requires and is driven by Even Greater Patriotic Love for Country and Love for Others as We Love Ourselves. Without Love, Democracy and a Free Society is a Weak Mess and a Ball of Confusion.

Before we start to talk about how we can come together as a nation to actually and structurally make our economy work better for everyone, Winning America's Future for Current and Future Generations of Americans, we must first look at just what the fundamental economic problem in the US economy is, so that our solution and strategy properly addresses the problem in a real and sustainable fashion. Failure to identify and understand the fundamental economic problem in the US economy will result in America continuing to fail to learn from its history and continue to behave and act like a nation with Schizophrenia and Psychosis, saying and professing that it believes and supports one thing, while its actions continue to make America a mockery and laughing stock before all the nations of the world.


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