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Economic Cancer: Cause

Updated: May 15, 2021

The Cause of Economic Cancer

Economic Cancer normally develops in an economy over time, where there are structural market failures that cause the economy to become increasingly more uneconomic with the passage of time, eventually causing the economy to structurally collapse at some point in the future if nothing is done to correct the market failures or kill the economic cancer before its too late.

Now the biggest question here is, what causes market failure in an economy. If we wanted to prevent economic cancer or market failures from occurring, what would we need to do? This is a great question and this is the right question. Why do we have sustained, non-self-correcting market failures in the US economy. The answer to this question ties back to the preamble of the constitution of the United States of America. Are we a family of citizens of the Unites States of America. Are we all bound by and committed to the pledges prescribed in the preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. The ultimate goal of the Constitution of the United States is described in the Preamble to the constitution, which says that our ultimate goal is, " to form a more perfect union", "for ourselves and out posterity"? So what the heck does this mean in the context of economics and market failures?

It means everything. If we are truly a unified family of citizens in the US economy and across America and if our pledge to one another is that I cannot be all that I can be unless all my family members in the US economy have the ability and will to be all that they can be and not just for ourselves, but that our collective actions must also account for making sure that all future generations of Americans have the will and ability to be all that they can be. If all Americans remain committed to this pledge, there would be no sustained Economic Cancer or Market Failures in the US economy.

In almost every case of market failures that negatively impact the US economy as a whole, it is the result of lust and greed, where a conscious decision is made by those who have the power to prevent market failure from occurring, willfully decide to not prevent the market failure from occurring, because they actually benefit wildly and excessively from not having to make the investments to prevent the market failure from occurring. The freedom to selfishly act on our Lust and Greed at the direct expense and financial destruction of our American brothers and sisters and then claim the act is just good old fashion American patriotic freedom and individualism. This type of freedom and individualism is the deadly virus, the fatal flaw or what I call the Economic Carcinogen that separates Americans into vicious tribes , ripping each other apart as we destroy our economy and society to get what is wanted at the expense and financial destruction of our so called American brothers and sisters???

There is a far superior win - win, prescribed in the preamble to the constitution of the United States of America, that requires more work, cooperation, innovation, inclusion, synergy, leadership, teamwork and care for one another. The big question is, who is America? Is she the family of citizens who are united, synergized and are much more powerful and effective working together, caring and proactively responsible for one another given our history and our posterity………….. or is America more appropriately a loosely connected group of independent entities who are free to pursue their self interest with little concern for how pursuing those self interests have impacted others historically, today or in the future. Which America are we? The Preamble and the US constitution is clear, that America is a family of citizens who are committed to caring for and are proactively responsible for each other's success and happiness for both current and future generations of Americans.

Every structural problem that we have in America is tied back to this issue of whether we are responsible and accountable to each other as a family of unified citizens in this nation or not. Examples: Public Education, Public Retirement System, Housing, Healthcare, Childcare, Post Secondary Education, Transportation, Climate Change, US Covid-19 Response, Immigration, Private Sector Debt, Public Sector Debt, Trade Deficit, US Financial Solvency. The history of the last 40 years is that we are failing on all of these issues and it is primarily because we are not following the principles prescribed in the preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. Wealth has been and continues to be selfishly hoarded for the few at the direct expense and financial destruction of the masses. Unfortunately as we have discussed previously, there is no free lunch in economics. This selfish hoarding of wealth is creating economic imbalances that are on course to destroy the US economy for both the rich and poor alike. Our best bet is to go back to who we are as prescribed in the preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. I have done that. I have created a national economic strategy that does precisely that, it brings us back together for the purpose of saving us from ourselves for ourselves. Making It Right, the Economics of the 100%, that is the Good New!!! The Economic Gospel for the United States of America. We will get to that soon, but let's continue examining the Ultimate Problem in America's Economy, Economic Cancer, so that when we see the solution, we can understand why it is so important that the solution and strategy takes on the form that is proposed

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