Doing the US Preamble: How the Economic Gospel for the USA, Saves America, HALLELUJAH!! AMEN!!!!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

America's catastrophic failures in response to two events, which arguably are among two of the most important events in American history, where both catastrophic failures occurred precisely because America failed to "DO THE US PREAMBLE". The US Preamble is the guiding purpose and principle document for the US constitution, similar to a corporate vision, mission and strategy statement for a large corporation. The two major historical events in American history where America failed to align with its Preamble or Corporate Strategy are:

  1. US Failed Covid-19 Response: America, the wealthiest, the most powerful, the most innovative and by leaps and bounds the most medically knowledgeable and sophisticated medical system on the planet, has had the worst response to the Global Covid-19 pandemic on the face of the earth, with the most deaths, the most cases and creating the largest amount of financial debt required to rescue its economy, because of America's unnecessary catastrophic failure in responding to Covid-19. Total government borrowing required rescue the US economy will be on the order of $7 - $10 Trillion in less than 2 years. It took the American government approximately 220 years to develop a cumulative total debt of $7 - $9 Trillion. Additionally, over the past year more Americans have been unnecessarily killed by Covid-19, than all American soldiers killed after 20 years in World War I, World War II and Vietnam. Incredibly crazy massive unnecessary killings in reckless response to Covid-19 has been and is like fighting the 20 years of World War I, II and the Vietnam war, all in one year. The incredibly crazy catastrophic borrowing and debt accumulation in less than one year in response to rescuing the US economy from our reckless response to Covid-19 is more borrowing and debt accumulation than what the American government borrowed over its first 220 years of existence. Yeah I just repeated the same two points..........because it needs to sink in!!!!!! Crazy Unbelievable.....................and it was totally, totally, totally, totally, totally and easily preventable, especially given WHO WE ARE !!! America and Americans !!! WHAT DOES AMERICA AND AMERICANS REPRESENT????...........Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! How did we let this happen? Are we who we think we are? Are we really paper tigers? Have we been exposed for who and what we really are? America had better get its act together, the world smells weakness and is ready to pounce....

  2. US Failed response to the Great Inflation of the 1970s: The US economy's will and ability to grow economically was destroyed by the Great Inflation of the 1970s. By the early 1980s the US economy was broken and uneconomic, too expensive for consumers and too expensive for businesses to grow economically. America took the path of least resistance and decided to financialize the US economy beginning in the early 1980s, financing uneconomic growth in the economy which made huge profits and returns for the wealthiest top 10% in the economy, but at the direct expense and financial destruction of the bottom 80%. This financialization of the US economy created great wealth for corporate America, corporate and international investors, and supply chains, jobs and new industries in Asia, South America and the Middle East, all at the direct expense and financial destruction of the bottom 80% of Americans in America. This path of least resistance financial strategy was the driving cause of the Global Credit Crisis and Great Recession of 2007 - 2009 and explains the populist movement in America, where the bottom 80% are mad as hell and cannot trust government, institutions or society at large, because they have been lied to and screwed over the past 50 years, so that the wealthiest top 10% in America have and continue to have in the future, the freedom and power to catastrophically and excessively increase their wealth at the direct expense and financial destruction of the bottom 80%. Over the past 50 years, 47 Trillion in borrowing and debt was piled on the backs of current and future generations of the American people to support "Uneconomical" and opportunity destroying, excessive financial growth, exclusively serving the interests and desires of the wealthiest 10% in the US economy at the direct expense and financial destruction of the bottom 80%. Finally because of this raping and bastardization of the US economy, the economy is silently on the precipice of permanently collapsing in the next 3 - 5 years, if the status quo policies of the left or the right, persists on a going forward basis, destroying the economy for both the rich and poor alike.

Now the consequences of America's responses to both of these events are staring Americans squarely in the eye, right now, right here, breathing and snorting right in our faces!!!! Our failures as a nation and as a people is precisely because we have strayed away from our first love, from the truth, from what we mutually agreed was in our best interest as individuals and as a nation......."We the People, In order to form a more Perfect Union"........ It is the basic violation of these principles in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United State, that explains and is on full display, thrown in our face everyday, clearly demonstrating why America has failed so miserably in responding to these two events described above, which have the potential to wipe-out America and the world in the next 3 - 5 years if the status quo from the left or the right is allowed to persist over the next 3 - 5 years. Americans shame, disgust, arrogance and unwillingness to want to take responsibility for these failures and learn from them, almost 100% guarantees America will, "STAY INSANE", and repeat these suicidal behaviors leading to its tragic failure and end in the near to medium term future.

ON THE OTHER HAND, there is a solution............ " We the People, In order to form a more Perfect Union..." means that Americans must consider themselves as a family of citizens in the US economy where we agree to work together to make the US economy works best for everyone in the economy and not just the rich and well connected. This means that like a family, we make the time to work together to create efficiencies and synergies that makes the economy and society work far far far far better and creates far more value added, for all Americans, than could ever be achieved if we did not make the time to figure out how to make the economy work best for everyone. This is the work that creates the "MORE PERFECT" Union. Not the better union, not the OK union, but the "MORE PERFECT" Union. A union that allows every person in the economy to develop and grow into the best version of themselves possible. It does not get better than that. It is only when we "DO NOT" work together for a more perfect union for all Americans, that the US economy experiences collective, catastrophic failures, right before our wide open but blinded eyes. Lust blinds us from seeing truth, justice, fairness, equality, equality of opportunity & competitive economics.

So how do we "DO THE US PREAMBLE" in the context of the US economy and Covid-19 as we have discussed above, and save ourselves from ourselves???? In principle, we do the same thing that large and successful US corporations do except the corporation here is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. In corporate America, top management and corporate shareholders through their board, decide what the corporation should do and the best way for the corporation to do that. These actions are described by the corporation's vision, mission and strategy statements. Everyone who freely agrees to be a part of the corporation, freely agrees to abide by the company's vision, mission and strategy statements. Shareholders, management and employees are bound to act within the framework of these directions, goals and instructions for operating the company.

Shareholders, management and employees "are not FREE to do and behave anyway they want to", because their actions might be inconsistent with the corporate strategy, "NOT ALLOWING" the corporation to benefit from economies of scale, productivities, efficiencies and synergies only achievable if everyone agrees to operate within the framework of the corporate strategy. This sacrificing of some (not all) "INDIVIDUAL" freedoms in order to create new , much larger and far superior "FREEDOMS", value added and profits, is the absolute value of the organized collective effort of the Corporation. Giving up some of your freedoms to acquire much larger and far superior freedoms by working working collectively and synergistically with others is the primary point or benefit created by doing the US Preamble.

What we have described above is actually a perfect example of how the United States of America is suppose to operate as outlined, described and envisioned in the Preamble to the constitution of the United States of America . We the citizens of the United States of America are the Shareholders or owners of the United States of America. The board members who represent us in this corporation are the elected officials in the three branches of government. The vision, mission and strategy statements for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the Preamble to the constitution of the United States of America. Our economy will be right, healthy, strong, true, just and fair, if we fix, repair, develop and grow our economy in the context of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America. That is exactly what the Economic Gospel of the United States of America does. A national economic strategy, designed to make the US economy economic and working best for everyone, using the principles of the US Preamble to the constitution of the United States of America as its guiding foundation.

The Economic Gospel for the United States of America, recommends changes in the US economy that fundamentally corrects market failures in the US economy that have made the US economy uneconomic over the past 50 years - ultimately making the US economy organically economic, true, just, robust, healthy, safe and sustainable, working best for all Americans as the first priority, while maintaining strong and healthy relationships with trading partners and the environment. Let's take a peak at the national economic strategy framework that can save America from herself, for herself and the world, HALLELUJAH!! AMEN!!!!


Specifications for achieving Weapons of Light: Strategy Step #1

WIN sustainable Quantum leap in US economic comparative advantage creating the lowest business input cost to industry and manufacturing, on the planet earth, by:

1. Harness and divert strategic US exports (energy, agriculture, other) for fuel and feedstock switching exclusively in the US domestic economy….shifting US commodity demand curves 40% - 60% to the left, creating $2 to $5 Trillion per year in annual business input cost savings across the US economy, $20 to $50 Trillion in savings over the next ten years

2. Dramatic yet sustainable US Commodity Demand Curve Shift to the Left provides for:

a. The structural organic economic fundamentals for restoring and building out the largest, most productive, lowest cost and sustainable domestic service and manufacturing supply chains on the planet.

b. Accompanying explosive and sustained growth in domestic employment associated with domestic supply chain buildout in inner-city and rural communities all across America - where need for economic and social development is the highest - as the first priority

c. Elimination of: Current account and federal budget deficits, public & private sector excessive debt levels. Massively and fairly strengthens America's competitive economic position with China, Russia and OPEC countries. A win-win for all, but significantly improves US position because we create and lead this competitive economic market making activity for the entire world.

3. Achieving Climate Change compliance as a natural outcome of this innovative national economic strategy step

Specifications for achieving Weapons of Light: Strategy Step #2

WIN Wealth Creating Consumer Buying/Saving Power by:

1. Economically and competitively increasing the supply of strategic products and services in the US economy by 10% - 50%, in conjunction with US supply chain build out, in economically disadvantaged inner-cities and rural communities, as the first priority

a. Motivating organic and sustained economically competitive new small business and employment growth, locally in the communities where Americans live, all across America

b. Dramatic supply curve shift to the right, for strategic products and services in US economy, gives new small businesses the capacity and incentive to grow business through competitive market share growth with superior products and services at price levels all consumers can afford without excessive borrowing or government subsidies

2. Harnessing the "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO LEAD AND INCENTIVIZE" Consumers and Small Businesses to be personally responsible for and proactive at using their collective Purchasing Power Decision Leverage, in sector-wide Block-Chain Ecosystems (digital currency empowered with real time policy and competitive economic market making logic), to Wring Excessive and Uneconomical Rent Out of Market Prices for strategic products and services in the US economy, settling at price levels affordable for all consumers

3. Education Admission and Work-Place Hiring Decisions - Harness Block Chain Ecosystems which explicitly considers population diversity percentages and other relevant education/job "ECONOMIC PARITY" criteria in the student or candidate, admissions or hiring selection process respectively.

4. Strategic products and services in the US economy are Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Childcare, Education, Insurance, Retirement and Business Capital

Specifications for achieving Weapons of Light: Strategy Step #3

WIN Preamble Focused Education Everywhere by:

1. K-12 Vision reimagined: Empower Students to discover their best self, master their super powers, in the pursuit of careers or purposes which makes the world a much better place because of students contributions and creates greater value added and greater opportunities for the student, the student's family and the community where student lives.

2. K-12 Mission reimagined: Student Personalized Education Machine learning process where each student has many options and opportunities to discover, try on, try out and master who they are, what their super powers are and what career portfolio best suits them through a curriculum and daily lesson plan of activities structured into scripts, roles and role play - solving problems or capitalizing on opportunities in an hilariously fun yet competitively engaging entrepreneurial game framework, providing students with thirteen years of real and/or simulated, real world work and business experience - ready to add value in the workplace or in higher educational pursuits before or immediately upon graduation from high school

3. Industry leading companies in information technology, computer gaming and entertainment writing and directing professionals will be harnessed from entertainment industry to innovate tools, resources and processes that are standardized and copied while still being easily customized for differences across regions and within states and localities, but all drawing from the same template and principles which allow for exponential efficiencies and productivities in the education communication, learning, assessment and administration processes necessary to achieve K-12 reimagined Vision/Mission discussed in 1 & 2 above - Education Blockchain Ecosystem Transactional Framework - OH YEAH!!!! BIABY!!!!!!!!!

That is how we Do the US Preamble through The Economic Gospel for the United States of America, "FUNDAMENTALLY CORRECTING" decades old market failures in the US economy, making the US economy economic, true, just, right, fair, robust and sustainable, working best for all Americans for both current and future generations of Americans, starting Today!!!! The more detailed agenda, resources, governmental and private sector actions and expected delivered benefits derived from this national economics strategy are detailed in the in the following three blogs:

  1. Saving America: Weapon of Light Strategy Step#1 - Restoring America's Economic Comparative Advantage

  2. Saving America: Weapon of Light Strategy Step#2 - Wealth Creating Consumer Consumption

  3. Saving America: Weapon of Light Strategy Step#3 - Preamble Focused Education Everywhere!!!

Let's get to work America!!!

The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is Here!!!

The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is Here!!!

The Economic Gospel for the United States of America is Here!!!


DAT'S LOVE AMERICA!!!!!! DAT'S LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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